Mead Hall offers comic subscription pull service.

Read 5 comics a month? 1? 100? Mead Hall has you covered! Set up a subscription "pull" service by filling out our online order form. If you'd like to start your subcription at a certain time or issue, we can work with you; just let us know!

All pull lists enjoy a 15% base discount. Pull lists with more than 25 monthly titles receive larger discounts, just email us! sign up
We here at Mead Hall strive to meet every customer request. Whether its a sold out recent issue, an old back issue, or special variants.

A couple notes on variant covers:
When requesting variants, please contact us at least a month before the book's release. This will greatly increase our chances of getting variants. But not all variants are created equal. Some variants are open order, meaning we can ordering as many as we would like, without limitation. Some variants are "unlock" variants, which require us to maintain (or increase) our orders of the regular cover, in order to be able to order as many as we would like. Some variants are incentives, allowing us to order 1 for every 10, 15, 25, 100, or even 1000 of the regular issues ordered. Some variants are "one-per-store" or "one-per-account", meaning they are extremely limited. Because of the confusing nature of variants, it's best to contact us as soon as possible.

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