Ixalan 6pm Prerelease
Ixalan 6pm Prerelease
Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 6:00pm
Mead Hall Games
1425 LaSalle Ave.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
(612) 315-3945
Ixalan Prerelease - 6pm - $25
Sealed Format - 6 Packs + Promo!
50 Player Cap

Players will be given a Pre-Release pack containing 6 booster packs of Ixalan. Players will then construct a 40-card deck using those packs. Mead Hall will provide basic lands for use during the event, as well as an atmosphere of awesomeness and maybe some goblins.

Players will then participate in a 4-Round Swiss-style tournament with each round lasting 45 minutes. Prizes will be based on your record during the tournament and will be in the form of standard packs, including Ixalan!

4-0: 7 Packs
3-0-1: 5 Packs
3-1: 3 Packs
2-1-1: 2 Packs
All other players will receive one pack!